P2PTV Vs Streaming TV

Published: 28th April 2008
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If you are interested in watching your favorite television shows on the internet there is a wide choice through which you can do it. P2P TV (Peer to Peer TV and the streaming media continues to be two of the most used options.

Knowing more about P2PTV-

P2PTV is a new entrant and has become an instant hit amongst the people. Joostt TV is another competitor and the functioning of P2PTV is very identical to Bit Torrent. P2PTV does not make use of the packets those are to be used in a random order but on the other hand it selects every single part in an order. This empowers you to watch the show or any game as and when you download it successfully. Subsequently you share this experience with others they might be watching the program or the match as well.

Following are some of the advantages of P2PTV:

- With the help of P2PTV now you can easily view your favorite television programs and matches just as you are able to watch with Bit Torrent.

- With the advancement of technology a major effort and money is incurred to make P2PTV more advanced and effective.

- There are also other authorized networks available.

Disadvantages -

- The main disadvantage of P2PTV is that it also makes use of the same protocols as it is used in Bit Torrent. Keeping that in mind if any of the buildings like a school building or an office comes in the way then it will definitely block the network and you could face problems in using P2PTV.

More about Online Streaming TV media-

Online Streaming TV media has been prevalent now for many years. If you are a user of internet then you must have came across online media streaming. Now, as far as the functioning of the streaming media goes it is very much identical to how HTTP functions. It is termed as RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

It is also a form of traffic and this is the reason it is unseen to the general traffic. The video gets downloaded in a sequence at your personal computer and most importantly you can view the whole procedure as it gets downloaded just as P2PTV.

The advantages of Online Streaming TV media:

- Streaming media have a resemblance to the regular online traffic and if your Internet Service Provider determines torrent traffic streaming then you can enjoy unrestricted.

- It is making constant improvements and development despite of the fact that online Streaming TV media is an old technology.

Disadvantages of Online Streaming TV media-

- For the reason of the streaming download so during busy hours you might have to face blurry picture because of the traffic's speed.


Two of the main procedures for watching television on the internet bear advantages and disadvantages. Before making a final choice check Internet Service Provider and the network to enjoy your favorite television programs and games.

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